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Mrs. Frank's students study fossils, virtually visit Natural History Museum

The second grade students in Mrs. Frank’s class have been busy learning about fossils in science. The students had the opportunity to examine a real mastodon fossil in class that Paul Frank Sr. discovered when fishing in a river in Crystal Lake, Florida years ago.

When asked what the students thought, Eve R. said “ It was fun touching a real fossil.”

and Ethan N. said, “ When I touched it, I felt like I was touching history.”

Due to COVID-19, field trips are not possible this year. However, Mrs. Frank contacted the Smithsonian and their museum educators have been conducting interactive ZOOM field trips for students. The students have been able to imagine what it is like to be a paleontologist and interact with the museum educators by making observations of some of the fossils on display in the Natural History Museum in Washington D.C.

“Most of my students have never been to the Smithsonian.” Mrs. Frank stated. “ This was a great opportunity for them to talk to museum experts and learn more about fossils and extinct animals.”

Penelope N. said “ This is the most awesome thing,” when asked about the virtual field trip.

After finishing the unit on fossils, Bella H. stated, “ I think I would like to be a paleontologist.”


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