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Partnership to expose elementary students to Taekwondo

Students at Hubbard Elementary School will soon have the chance to experience the martial arts practice of Taekwondo.

Throughout the week of January 7, elementary students physical education classes will learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo in classes led by certified fourth-degree black belt, Master Tom Ritchie. Hubbard Schools partnered with Ritchie to offer students the opportunity to learn more about his program Tae Kwon Kids. During gym classes, Richie will expose the students to the martial arts. Students, who develop an interest in the practice, will then have the opportunity to participate in an after school program. Over four, 45-minute classes, Master Ritchie will teach students basic Taekwondo exercises and techniques.

“We really look forward to partnering with Master Ritchie to offer this to our students. Martial arts is a lifelong skill that has both physical and emotional benefits,” said elementary physical education teacher Rodney Lehman.

Master Ritchie teaches students Taekwondo.


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