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US Government Stock Contest Winners

Mr. Stoffer’s US Government and CCP US Government classes concluded their Stock Project for the year during the last week of school. Students were given $250,000 in initial start up money and could invest as individuals or in groups of two or three. They had to start with 4-10 companies back in late August and had 5-6 opportunities to make changes by buying and selling stocks throughout the school year. Finally with 3 weeks to go, they were given a stimulus of $100,000 to make last minute attempts to win. Each of the four classes had a class winner.

Picture left to right; attached to email

Kaylana Pinard Smith, Katie Bowser, Maggie Gredel, Matthew Johnston, Candace Ackworth, Sydney Shoenberger, Kennedy Perline, missing (Malarie Oyler)


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