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State History Day Qualifiers

Bottom row (L-R) Sadie Cannistra, Madi Shields, Addalyn Schultz, Scout NIcholson, Taylor Dattilo

Top Row (L-R) Brooke Livingston, Myranda Dickson, Peter Koulianos, Jacob Arthur

Individual Exhibits: 1st place; Taylor Dattilo, "Women's Suffrage" 2nd place; Myranda Dickson " "Discrimination against Women Prostitutes, Following the Robert Pickton case"

Group Exhibits: 1st place; Scout Nicholson, Addalyn Schultz, "Margaret Sanger and Birth Control" 2nd place; Peter Koulianos, Jacob Arthur; "The Great Debates" 3rd place; Madi Shields, Sadie Cannistra, Brooke Livingston; "Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott"


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