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Lunch Account Information


2017-2018 Lunch Account Information

  • Students are assigned an individual lunch account based on their student ID number.

  • Accounts are confidential which allows for privacy for free and reduced lunch priced recipients.

  • Lunch prices for the Middle and High School are $2.60 and $2.30 for the Elementary School. Extra Milk is $.50. Breakfast price is $1.50 at all schools. Prices are subject to change at any time.

  • Pre-payment may be sent in the form of cash or check made payable to Hubbard Food Service. Students can also bring money directly to the cashiers during lunch. Funds on your child’s account may be used for lunches as well as milk and extra food items unless restricted by the parent.

  • Please utilize the website to view account balances, set up low balance texts or email reminders, make a payment and view account purchase activity. Students can also receive account balances from any cashier. Just follow the link below to sign up. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to know how much money is in their child’s account.

         The link is also available on the school website,

  • Starting on September 5th, 2017 all student charge limits will be set to $0.00. This means if students do not have money in their lunch accounts cashiers will not be able to “charge” a lunch to the student like in the past.

  • If necessary the Food service Director can allow a student to charge a regular Type-A meal. This will place the parent/guardian on an all-call list to remind them that their student needs money for lunch. After two Type-A lunches are charged the student will be placed on an alternative lunch of a sandwich and drink to be charged to the students account.

  • If you wish to restrict your child’s meal plan account, simply complete the Lunch Restriction Form and return it to your child’s Home Room teacher, cafeteria staff member or mail to the address on the back.

  • ALL balances positive and negative will be carried over to the following school year.

  • Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch at the end of the school year will be given a temporary free or reduced lunch status until your new application has been approved. Parents must apply every year and will receive an approval or denial letter no later than Sept. 30th. If you do not receive a letter please contact me ASAP to fill out another Free & Reduced Lunch Application.

  • Lunch and Breakfast menus can be found on the school website and are subject to change based on availability or school closings.

  • All Lunch and Breakfast meals are compliant with the new USDA nutrition guidelines.

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